Authority Property Promotion Kickstarter (One Time)

////Authority Property Promotion Kickstarter (One Time)

Authority Property Promotion Kickstarter (One Time)


Overview: The Authority Property Kickstarter is designed to establish a very strong foundation of links and web presence for nearly any authority page/property.

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  • Add Authority Guest Posts for Serious Ranking Power?

    With this service, our designated outreach managers and artful writers coordinate with each other to create a powerful publicity campaign that stretches out to the best key industry sites and authorities we can get our hands on for powerful links.

    We only approach established sites. This means that not only do these publications add tremendous power to your link profile, but in most cases, each individual posting can become a long-term traffic source in and of itself.

    Our average publisher has a PR of 3.4 (generally between PR3 - 6+), and an average Domain Authority (DA) of 33.78

    This is our "power-house" product, real quality links from real sites - you honestly can't get much better than this.

    • 400 $

    Please note that the content will be of excellent quality and we make sure to tailor it to the site we are posting on - no "seo focused" articles, but instead, we provide actual value to the participating publisher's audience.


    Due to the complexity of the campaign orders, no changes of any kind can be made after the project has been submitted. Please make sure all details including your notes are correct before you proceed.

    An experienced SEO Specialist will take the following details, and build an effective campaign on your behalf. Special care is always taken to ensure that your promotions will be Penguin-safe, while maintaining maximum effectiveness.

    By making this purchase, you are expressing consent for Fincel Design to configure and process these various tasks on your behalf.


Overview: The Authority Property Kickstarter is designed to establish a very strong foundation of links and web presence for nearly any authority page/property.

Purpose: This campaign is designed for kickstarting the ranking process (in Google search) for authority properties, such as press releases, Facebook Fan pages, and so on. In some cases, page-1 SERP positions may be achieved just from this kickstart campaign. You should NEVER use this package to promote your money site.

Remember that landing a #1 – #3 ranking on page 1 of Google's SERPs for your target keyword is generally the result of a sustained link campaign over several months. This is why we offer both the One Time and Climb/Defend packages.

Ranking Authority Properties (Offsite Assets): Ranking an “offsite asset” (ie. something that isn't your domain) in Google can often be much easier and faster – but, that's only if Google has determined that certain “host sites” (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, News Sites and other authority platforms) are a relevant match to your keyword or overall market.

The best practice for determining if Google actively ranks certain properties for a given keyword in its SERPs, is simply to see if there's already similar properties ranking for a given keyword. If so – then your chances of ranking your property in Google's SERPs are much higher, for that keyword.

Authority Property Promotion Quote

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Authority Property Promotion Kickstarter Package Includes

1 x 50k Mass Links
One of the most effective ways of increasing the rankings of your authority sites is to promote those sites hard. This boosting service does exactly that, and this will result in your authority sites acquiring additional authority and link juice, resulting in improved rankings.

1 x High PR Squared – 60 Links
Some of the most difficult links to acquire are contextual links from niche related and high PR blogs. What we have done here is supply you with a number of high quality, contextual PR Niche blog posts, within unique content that was written by our in-house team of US writers.

In the very near future, these links will be indexed in Google and link juice will be passed onto your site, resulting in a boost in authority. In addition – we aggressively amplify the actual blogpost itself with a massive reinforcement layer (2nd tier) This way, even as the blogposts roll off the homepage, they will perpetually maintain their linkjuice and, quite often, pagerank.