How to Optimize Content for SEO

//How to Optimize Content for SEO

Right now, content is king on the internet. Google puts a lot of weight into content in its current algorithm regarding where you’ll show up in its SERPs (search engine result pages). These days, everyone is writing blogs, status updates, posts, and articles, but that doesn’t mean they’re SEO (search engine optimization) ready or friendly. By having “SEO content”, a website is filled with information that has the goal of attracting search engine traffic.

How Do You Write SEO Content?

  • Utilize keywords in your content. Before you begin writing, do some keyword research, so you know what keywords people are searching for that relate to your business. You want to begin to rank higher for those keywords, so people will find you. Gather all keywords the page is targeting and write towards topics people are already searching info about.
  • It’s a good idea to write first, then sprinkle in keywords naturally after.
  • You want your writing to solve what the user/searcher is looking for, so they stay on your page or give you a call.
  • Make sure your keywords are in the title and the body content. Google doesn’t just look at these elements, users do too. People are more likely to click on a link with the keyword(s) in the title.
  • Put your keywords in any H1 and H2 headers, the image alt attribute, the URL field, and the meta description. The meta isn’t used for rankings but it is read by users.
  • Use words and phrases that Google associates with the query, which can help give your page a boost.
  • Organize content in a logical way. This doesn’t just help with SEO but helps your users find info and related content easier.
  • Don’t write “thin” content just to please Google. You need content that a potential customer will like and will make them want to return. Google may also penalize sites with low-value content and extremely high bounce rates.
  • User experience matters. Google can tell how many people are clicking your site and how long they’re staying. Google wants to rank (and rank higher) sites that have a more positive user experience and engagement.
  • Share your new content on social media platforms and building links to your content internally and from external sites.
  • You can do SEO on product pages, blog posts, articles, lists, guides, videos, infographics, and slideshows.
  • Don’t make every piece of content on your site about your business. You want to tie in relevant topics to your business. Often, people aren’t searching for your business, but they find you through a search about something closely related to you. You want to speak to your audience beyond your business. If you’re a cardiac surgeon who performs heart surgery, you may want to write about heart-healthy diets. Many users may be searching for “heart healthy diets” and will find your website and business through your blog post on this related topic.
  • If you are targeting a certain local area, write some content focused on this neighborhood or city; it will attract attention for users and help you rank for these keywords.
  • Write about topics that interest your local clients. If you have an office near the beach, tie in the beach, swimming or water sports somehow into your content. You can also relate better to potential clients if you show an interest in your town or community.
  • Use positive reviews to create new content. You can talk to past happy customers and see if they will expand on their review to give you a large piece to write about.


Hire a Digital Marketing Company to Write Your SEO Content

These are just a few tips to help optimize the content on your site. Although writing SEO content for your site isn’t hard, it is time consuming and it requires some strategy to effectively write for your keywords and queries, while engaging the potential customer.

Our team at Fincel Design can help implement an SEO and digital marketing strategy for you, so your content reflects your potential client’s needs, which in turn will help your business grow. Our SEO content writing will also attract Google’s attention and help make your website climb higher in the rankings. We are a full service digital marketing agency. Let’s get your website’s content optimized today. Email us or call 904-834-0509.