If you want to have a successful business, the first thing you need to do is to embrace the power of the internet. Writing a business blog to start your internet marketing strategy helps you grow your business online.

In this article, we’ll be showing you what a business blog actually is and how can it be beneficial. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and keep on reading!

What Is a Business Blog?

In short, a blog is a dynamic website where you regularly update your content in a form of texts or media, such as images, videos, or audio. Whenever you create a new post, it’s displayed in chronological order.

Blogs can be used for any purpose, be it a personal journal or a business website. If you own a company or business, you can run a blog where you may post any content to support your brand’s online presence. No matter your company goals, products, services or promotions, all of this information can reach your customers through the internet.

Simply put, it can be a promising digital marketing channel for your business. So, don’t hesitate to run a blog for your business!

How to Start a Business Blog?

Starting a business blog is easy. All you need to do is just following these steps:

    1. Choose your blogging platform – among many blogging platforms on the market, WordPress.com, WordPress.org, and Blogger.com are the most popular options. However, make sure you choose one based on its ease of use, flexibility, security and SEO performance. For this reason, we recommend you use WordPress.org as it is a self-hosted CMS (Content Management System) allowing you to have full control over all aspects of your website.
      Choose your blogging platform
    2. Pick a hosting provider – choose a reliable and affordable host for your website. Make sure you pick a hosting plan that is suitable for your business.
    3. Register a domain name – it’s crucial to have a domain name that represents your brand or business. If you’re having a hard time choosing a domain name, try to make use of the best domain name generators listed in this article.
    4. Set up your blog and start publishing your content – once you have everything ready, it’s time to set up your blog and start publishing content that is useful and relevant to your target audience. It’s better to optimize your content with SEO principles to rank high in the search engine result pages or SERP for short.

Three Main Reasons to Have a Business Blog

Here are three ways on how having a business blog will help you grow as a company :

Business Exposure and Brand Reputation

Once your business blog is running, your audience may find you through SERP, bringing a lot more traffic to your site. What is more, it’ll be easier to discover your business, products, and anything else that you post on your blog.

That being said, a strong online presence is good for your overall brand reputation. Once your visitors trust your brand and product, chances are you may get higher conversion rates and more potential customers.

Reach New Customers and Online Communities

A business blog lets you effectively reach larger audiences. You can simply advertise your products through Google Ads, Social Media Ads, or email newsletters and redirect those who clicked your ads to your blog.

Besides, you can create a forum page where your customers will be able to discuss anything related to your products. That way, you’ll not only keep your loyal visitors but also attract new audiences.

What is more, with SEO optimized content and ads, you can segment your audiences. It’ll become easier to reach your target customers.

Measure Your Business Growth

Once you’ve successfully reached more engaged customers, your profit and business scale will grow as well.

Measure Your Business Growth

Keep developing and evaluating your blog’s marketing performance with a very useful tool like Google Analytics. With it, you may keep the tracking number of your visitors, bounce and conversion rates, profit, and marketing trends.

This way, it’ll be possible for you to stay one step ahead as you can predict what kind of content and marketing efforts should be implemented to keep your audience’s interest.


It’s more than useful to have a blog for your business. As a promising digital marketing channel for your business, a blog allows you to:

  • Bringing traffic to build business exposure and brand reputation. Your business and brand will be up in the SERP for better visibility.
  • Reach a broader range of customers and online communities. No more communication and promotion barriers stopping you from reaching your target customers.
  • Measure your business growth. Gather and interpret data to scale and evaluate your business strategy.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to grow your business with a blog. Good luck!