When you invest your time and money into a SEO strategy, your goal is to increase visibility to your site, raise your site on search engine’s rankings, and help your site have a bigger domain authority with the search engines. If you’re frequently blogging, adding new pages to your site, doing on-page SEO, and being active on social media, you are actively executing SEO strategies to help increase your odds at your site being seen and accessed. SEO strategies help bring in the organic traffic to your site. Now, what does it mean if your organic traffic begins to drop and continues to drop despite you doing all the appropriate white hat SEO strategies?

Unfortunately, it could mean many things, or a combination of things. Some reasons are more serious than others. Seeing a drop in organic traffic can be upsetting, especially if you’ve put in a lot of effort. Don’t fret. There’s a lot of ways you can get your site to bounce back in the right direction again.

Reasons Your Organic Traffic Has Dropped

With SEO competition rising, it can be harder to keep your organic traffic steady and/or growing. Unfortunately, there can be dozens of reasons why you’re dropping in organic rankings and traffic. Some common reasons include:

  • Your site isn’t updated as frequently as your competition.
  • Your site doesn’t have enough domain authority.
  • Your content isn’t valued or organized.
  • Your competition has increased.
  • Your competition has convinced Google that they have more authority on the topic.
  • Your site is slow.
  • Your website was penalized. If Google penalized your site, it can have a negative effect on organic traffic. You may have been penalized for unnatural links or poor/duplicate content. Google penalizes sites that it believes are being deceptive to raise its search rankings. If you are not doing anything intentionally malicious to receive this penalty, add and improve your content, remove any spam content or duplicate content, and get rid of paid links and inbound links with keyword anchor text. If you have been penalized or think you have, log into Google Webmaster Tools and see if there is any manual action notice. In the future, do no hide links on your site, do not associate with online spam, do not sell links.
  • Your business/service/products may be out of season.
  • Some of your backlinks may have been removed on other sites due to another site going offline or being redesigned.
  • Your pages are not properly indexed. Make sure you didn’t ‘”no-index” your site and that you’re using canonical URLs.

Overall, if you see a drop in your organic traffic, some of the best things you can do is to add more content frequently. Google loves and favors new content.  Change up your meta information on your pages to better associate with your keywords. You can also ramp up your social media efforts and campaign. Look for ways to engage people to bring them back to your site whether through coupons or contests. You can also try to increase your backlinks or reclaim lost links. Also, check to see (first) if you received a penalty from Google.

A good thing to remember is rankings and traffic are a lot like the stock market. Often, there will be a lot of ups and downs, but if the overall trend is going in the right direction, your site is in good shape.

Work with a Digital Marketing Company to Get Your Organic Traffic

Monitoring and increasing organic traffic can be time consuming, especially when identifying why traffic has dropped. Let SEO experts bring the traffic to you. Our team at Fincel Design can help implement a SEO and digital marketing content strategy for you, so your site can increase its organic traffic. We will monitor your traffic and make changes to your plan as needed if your traffic drops. We are a full service digital marketing agency located in Jacksonville, Florida. Let’s get organic traffic growing! Reach out to us online or call 904-834-0509.