If you find yourself asking “What Is Black Hat SEO”, you’ve come to the right spot. Did you even know SEO (search engine optimization) could be negative? It can. Black hat SEO isn’t if you don’t do enough SEO or minimal SEO on your site, it’s actual “bad” SEO that can damage your website, tank your rankings or even get you banned from the search engines. Negative SEO is the practice of black hat SEO techniques.

What Is Black Hat SEO? Black hat SEO is different SEO techniques used for you to gain authority quickly with Google. Years ago, black hat practices used to be OK, but people began abusing the techniques and it is now frowned upon by search engines, and digital marketing agencies. If you continue to use these black hat practices and get caught by Google, or another search engine, there’s a chance your website will be banned from the search engines, which could dramatically hurt your business.

As Google updates its algorithm, it tries more and more to crack down on black hat practices occurring on the web.

What Is Black Hat SEO and what are some Black Hat SEO practices?

Invisible text – Take your keyword. Make it the same color as your background. Write it over and over. It’s now invisible to the user, but Google (or other search engines) can read it. Sure, you may have tricked the user, but Google can detect the keyword being overused.

Keyword stuffing – Keywords are essential to spread throughout your site, but only if they fit within the content and make sense. If you’re stuffing keywords in places they don’t belong to get Google’s attention, this is stuffing. Your site now isn’t good for the user experience, and Google can identify that How is your site informative and credible if you just have the same one word or phrase all over the place?

Doorway pages – These are web pages that are put up as a dummy website, so the search engines will crawl the keywords and links that connect to the main site.

Duplicate content – Basically, you copy and paste content from one page and put it on another. Sure, this content may be keyword rich, but it isn’t original. Search engines want original content. Copy and pasting is essentially cheating.

Article Spinning – This isn’t copy and pasting of content, but there is special software that spins the articles just enough to make a unique post.

Cloaking – This is when your user sees entire different content or URL than the search engine. Cloaking tricks the search engines to rank higher on certain keywords. With this method, you’re giving people irrelevant results, and this is a Google Webmaster violation.

What happens if you use these black hat techniques? These are risky practices and are usually always detected. Your website could be penalized or banned from the search engines. Even if you were only penalized, it could take you forever to get back up in the rankings to where you once were. Penalization is more common than a banning.

At Fincel Design, we don’t break the rules. We use white hat SEO. To help build your brand and reputation, you need to focus on content, quality, engagement, and keywords.

Hire a Digital Marketing Company to Do Your SEO

At Fincel Design, we focus on approved, safe SEO practices. We will produce quality content, do keyword research, write descriptive keyword-rich meta titles, tags and alt tags, we utilize proper headers, we use keywords correctly, and more! Our SEO practices will not get you penalized or banned from Google.

If you don’t have time implement SEO into your site, our team at Fincel Design can help create and manage an SEO and digital marketing strategy for you, so your site can reflect your potential client’s and current client’s needs, as well as the search engine’s needs, which can help your business grow.

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