Landing pages are an essential part of your SEO. With different landing pages, you can help increase your organic traffic, and hopefully your leads/conversion rates. Landing pages are one of the building blocks of SEO. These pages are keyword focused.

What exactly is a landing page? A landing page is a page that focuses information targeted to a specific audience. This landing page can help you bring more visitors to your site, get them to contact you/buy a product or service, get them to sign up for email, share your page, or engage with you or the page.  You’re creating and designing this page to bring people to your site and make them want to stay.

With a landing page, you want to optimize the user experience. Your visitors will find this page from the search engines or social media.  Your landing page should be focused, whether it’s on a specific product or location. You want people to focus on fewer things with this page.

SEO for Landing Pages

You want your landing page to be focused and then direct visitors to a call to action. These pages aren’t just meant to convert visitors, they are also meant to attract more visitors.

In a landing page, the content is specific, and you can utilize more keyworded headings, text and links within the category you are focusing on. However, this isn’t keyword “stuffing;” this is having a content-rich page focused on a defined niche subject, which is better targeted for the visitor’s interests and needs. Long-tail keywords and variations of the keyword are used throughout the pages. The keywords are also used in the meta titles and meta descriptions.

When you properly optimize your landing pages, they will begin to rank well for the keywords you’re focusing on. As the pages rise in the rankings, you will attract quality, organic visitors, who are people truly interested in your product or service.

Along with content, using links is a way to up the SEO and your site’s chance of ranking. With a landing page, you can spread links around using different keywords, whether they’re generic or specific.

These landing pages are also easier to track from the organic search. Visitors who arrive to the site from the landing page prove they found the site from these landing pages. You can track visitor behavior of the visitors who come by the landing pages.

Along with content and links, you still need to captivate your audience. Add photos and videos to bring interest to the page. You also want your page to be well-written for humans not just the search engines. A person will not want to read a page just filled with keywords.

These pages do not live in your site’s main navigation bar. They are additional pages added to draw traffic to your site, and push people to the pages where they will convert (contact page, services page, product pages).

Hire a Digital Marketing Company to Build Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are a handy tool to attract targeted audiences that also provide this audience with an immediate call to action based on the keywords you used to attract them. By combining great content, and links, you can rank higher for these targeted keywords. Landing pages are known to better attract quality visitors.

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