Marketing is a vital part of any business, not only does it help spread word of your services but it can also make sure your brand reaches unexpected audiences. However, while traditional advertisement based marketing has been reliable for years, you should definitely look into going digital in this modern world. Not only is TV and Radio based advertisement notoriously expensive but you might find a larger audience on digital venues. Think about it for a second, when people need information they most likely turn to a reliable online source like Google or other similar search engines. And this is a market you should definitely capitalize on.

The internet is by far the most important resource you can use to find out any information you need. Whether for homework, knowing the schedules of a business or where the best hamburger place is. Every single one of our queries can be answered online. And if your business becomes the answer that Google or other online searches bring up, you’ll be seeing a lot of growth.

So with that in mind let’s take a look at some of the reasons why digital marketing can completely revolutionize your Business, and let’s take a dive into the why and how of modern day online marketing.

1. Digital Marketing is the most cost-effective option

Just a little bit above we brought up the fact that TV ads cost a lot of money. And while on paper this is because they bring a lot of customers, this isn’t necessarily true. Traditional marketing works on an exposure level, and the reason why costs raise so much based on the popularity of the channel is because the bigger the TV or radio network the larger audience they’ll reach. However when it comes down to it, you are paying for exposure for the name which doesn’t always convert to sales.

When it comes to marketing we talk about cost and effectiveness. Marketing is after all an investment, and the amount of money you spend should bring larger returns for your business. And when it comes to digital marketing the returns per investment are just better than the traditional media channels. A large part of it comes due to the fact that digital marketing tends to be cheaper in general. But also due to the fact that unlike traditional channels Digital marketing results in direct clicks and visits to your websites and links which brings more sales and knowledge at a lesser cost overall.

2. It levels the online search fields

When it comes to online, searchers mostly rely on existing popularity. That is to say that a link that has been clicked or followed many times is more likely to appear on the front. This prioritization can result in a starting business receiving reduced views early on if Digital Marketing isn’t used. In that sense what marketing allows is for your address to become more visible in the digital venues, not unlike what a billboard would do. This comes in many forms and shapes, like SEO or Search Engine Optimization to help improve your Google ranking, but also includes other options like paid links which can jumpstart any website to the first page of most online searchers.

3. Because online reviews are more trusted by consumers

Another big advantage of digital marketing is that it builds on the online review catalog for a website. More exposure leads to more reviews, and more reviews directly leads to more sales. The simple fact is that almost 90% of all consumers trust online reviews. And it makes sense; we are more likely to trust fellow clients than a press release. As such digital marketing allows more reviews to appear naturally for your business. And every single positive review is likely going to result in a direct sale or purchase.

4. Digital Marketing targets the right audience

Going back to the comparison with traditional marketing channels let’s use another TV example. Let’s pretend that your business specializes in LED and LCD Screens, and you buy some seconds of publicity on your local channel. But what if it airs in a timeslot that doesn’t help you? Let’s say it airs in the children’s block, LED and LCD screens are not something they can buy on their own, or are likely to ask their parents for. This is why marketing to the right audience matters so much.

Digital marketing is by default built on catering to the right audience. The internet experience allows for a more customizable advertising experience. Sites like YouTube and Facebook already have custom advertisements that only appear for user’s whose traffic history show an interest towards the brand or service. This means that in general digital marketing will have a heavier focus on the right audience and make sure that your business truly reaches the people it’s meant out for.

5. Digital Marketing allows for a more personal and customizable experience

And lastly one of the biggest perks to Digital Marketing when handled through a firm like Fincel Design is the simple fact that it’s a much more personal and customizable experience. Not all businesses or owners are the same. And we understand that their concerns and priorities can vary wildly even in similar businesses. That’s why when you work with us you have the opportunity to meet and plan alongside our staff. Resulting in a marketing plan that truly and fully answers to your needs. And that it something unique to the world of Digital Marketing, and one of the many reasons why it’s the way to go in these modern times.