If you aren’t link building, you are missing a critical part of your SEO. This week we outline the importance of link building for SEO. Link building is getting other websites to link back to your site. By building links, you are driving referral traffic back to your site, which in turn increases your site’s authority (with Google and the other search engines) and will put you up higher in the search engine results.

Google still values link building as an important factor in its algorithm. Links tell Google that your site is worthy of putting up high in the rankings based on the keywords you’re going after. Overall, sites that have more backlinks tend to have higher rankings in the search results.

According to Google, “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”

How to Build Links for SEO Purposes

You want to go about building links the right way. There are “wrong” ways to build links, also known as black-hat SEO techniques. If you use black-hat SEO to build links (buying them), you can get dinged by Google – this means your site could be temporarily or permanently banned from Google’s search results. You want to build your links naturally and organically. Unfortunately, the natural and “right” way of building links is a longer process. Also, not all links you get are equal. A link from a more authoritative a site will have more “juice” or “impact” on your rankings than a link from a smaller, lower authority site, or new site. It is harder to have a high-authority site link back to you.

Here are some strategies:

  • Create interesting and engaging content on your site that will get people to naturally share and link to.
  • Spread the word of your site in different ways, including social media, so people can find your site.
  • Have friends, coworkers, family link to your site.
  • Have sites in the same industry link in your site. Links from the same industry/topic have more value than random sites.
  • Email bloggers, reviewers, and influencers about your services and products. If these people talk about or link to your site, you have a great chance of good links due to their popularity and large following.
  • Build links internally. Use anchor text. Google takes into account the text a linking page uses to talk about your content.
  • Look for and use quality, trusted pages to link back to you. Questionable sites will not help you in the rankings.

Link building can take awhile before you get a lot of links… but it’s supposed to take some time. If you try to speed up the process by buying links, you’re going against Google’s guidelines and will get penalized. You could rapidly drop in the rankings or not even appear in the rankings anymore, which is the opposite of everything you were trying to achieve.

Remember, link building is ongoing. It should never stop.

Hire a Digital Marketing Company for Link Building

As previously stated, link building is time consuming and ongoing. Most business owners and companies do not have the man power and time to properly execute a link building strategy or campaign. Link building is essential for your SEO marketing plan. If you omit link building, you’re holding your site back from achieving better rankings.

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