Blog writing can be fun. Blog writing can be informative. Blog writing can be time consuming. The truth is: blog writing is essential to your SEO and brand as a company.

By adding a blog to your site, you are providing visitors (potential clients or customers) with valuable knowledge and information. You are also creating fresh content that Google will notice and “reward” you for. The more you post, the more active your site looks to Google. An active site is more relevant to Google’s crawling and ranking system.

The more content you create connected with your targeted keywords, the more Google will begin to associate you with those keywords and consider you an “authority” on the topics and start to raise you on its search engine results.

However, writing fresh content often is a big undertaking. A blog requires some research and writing skills, not to mention you’ll need to add pictures and SEO the article before posting to your site and any social media platforms. Blog writing takes time and skill and many business owners do not have the ability to do this on their own. Many business owners, or other members in their company, also do not have an SEO knowledge, which will make it harder for their content to get noticed/picked up by the search engines and in turn miss out on potential web traffic/customers.

Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Company to Write for Your Site

According to Marketing Land, a daily publication that covers all aspects of the digital marketing industry, 25% of companies outsource blogging to a third-party agency and this percentage is rising quickly.

Some companies put off hiring someone to blog for their site due to costs, but the results you get from blogging can outweigh the costs of the writing. Some of the benefits of hiring a ghost blogging company include:

  • Improving visibility on the search engines, which can lead to higher traffic, leads, and sales on the site.
  • The writing is done by professional writers who have experience with SEO, so your blogs have a higher likelihood of reaching a larger audience.
  • A digital marketing agency or writer can breathe new breath into your content and offer a different look or angle into the writing of the blogs that can possibly attract more attention.
  • The cost of hiring an outside marketing/blog writing company can be lower than an inhouse writer when you don’t have to pay for benefits, insurances and payroll.
  • Professional writers know where to search for credible information in your industry and know how not to plagiarize.
  • When you hire an outside company to do your blog writing and SEO, like the team at Fincel Design, they can track the analytics on your site to see how your blogs are performing and share the data with you.

Work with a Digital Marketing Company to Help Write Your Blogs

If you can’t keep up with blog writing or do not have the ability to creating fresh content often, it may be time to reach out to a digital marketing company to do your ghost blog writing for you. If you’re ready to create a blog for the first time, we can get you started!

Our team at Fincel Design can help implement a SEO and digital marketing content strategy for you through blog writing and other SEO practices, so your site can rank higher on the search engines and have more conversions. We are a full service digital marketing agency located in Jacksonville, Florida. Let’s get blog writing! Contact us or call 904-834-0509