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Best SEO Tips to Rank in 2018

You can’t sleep on SEO. SEO is constantly changing and evolving. Many old SEO practices do not work anymore. SEO tactics can change or become ineffective in just a few weeks or months. Over the years, Google has continued to frequently change its algorithm, which means what it values has changed. Currently, content is king. If your site is struggling to get up in the rankings, you’re probably looking for better SEO practices. For this article, we wanted to share with you some of the best SEO tips to rank in 2018. Ways to Improve Your SEO Do your keyword research. Your keywords are key (pun intended) for you to [...]

Best SEO Tips to Rank in 20182018-05-25T11:26:18-04:00

What to Do When Your Organic Traffic Drops

When you invest your time and money into a SEO strategy, your goal is to increase visibility to your site, raise your site on search engine’s rankings, and help your site have a bigger domain authority with the search engines. If you’re frequently blogging, adding new pages to your site, doing on-page SEO, and being active on social media, you are actively executing SEO strategies to help increase your odds at your site being seen and accessed. SEO strategies help bring in the organic traffic to your site. Now, what does it mean if your organic traffic begins to drop and continues to drop despite you doing all the appropriate [...]

What to Do When Your Organic Traffic Drops2018-05-25T11:14:24-04:00

Website Content Mistakes that Can Hurt Your SEO

Being 2018, most of us know what a “bad” website looks like. A site that looks like it was made in 1995. No organization. No focal point. Ugly colors. Hard to read. Hard to find information. Tacky. (You get the idea). However, if your site looks visually pleasing, it still can be hurting you. How? Well, it could be lacking a lot of the proper content needed for not only visitors to like your site and purchase your product/service, but for the search engines to like (and read) your site, as well. As a digital marketing agency in Jacksonville, we wanted to share with you some website content mistakes that [...]

Website Content Mistakes that Can Hurt Your SEO2018-05-25T11:04:33-04:00

How Instagram Can Help Boost Your SEO

Instagram is more than just a place to post your latest concert photo or to view your best friend’s new shot of her baby. This social media platform can be a powerful SEO tool. Compared to Facebook, Instagram can often be “forgotten” when it comes to focusing social media campaigns and efforts; however, you can truly enhance your business and SEO by properly utilizing this social network app. If you’re thinking of implementing a SEO strategy, social media should always be a part of it. Instagram is just one of the many social media platforms you, as a business, should include in your strategy. For this article, we will focus [...]

How Instagram Can Help Boost Your SEO2018-05-25T09:55:08-04:00

What Is Black Hat SEO?

If you find yourself asking "What Is Black Hat SEO", you've come to the right spot. Did you even know SEO (search engine optimization) could be negative? It can. Black hat SEO isn’t if you don’t do enough SEO or minimal SEO on your site, it’s actual “bad” SEO that can damage your website, tank your rankings or even get you banned from the search engines. Negative SEO is the practice of black hat SEO techniques. What Is Black Hat SEO? Black hat SEO is different SEO techniques used for you to gain authority quickly with Google. Years ago, black hat practices used to be OK, but people began abusing [...]

What Is Black Hat SEO?2018-04-17T13:29:30-04:00

The Klout Score Effect On SEO

Yes, Klout Score influences your site’s SEO. You probably aware that blogging and on-page SEO certainly improves the SEO on your site, but you may have never heard of the Klout Score. What is the Klout Score? This unique score is a measure of your brand’s social media influence. The Klout number is calculated using a proprietary algorithm based on reach of your social network (how many people you’re influencing), your network impact (the influence of your network), and your amplification (how engaged your followers are/how much you’re influencing them). The Klout algorithm currently puts a lot of weight on amplification, because it measures your true influence. With a higher [...]

The Klout Score Effect On SEO2018-04-17T13:01:13-04:00

How to get your blog noticed

Blogging isn’t just a fun, personal hobby, it’s a substantial way for you to increase your SEO (search engine optimization) on your website. Your blogs will help the search engines give your website authority on the keywords you’re going after, if it sees a steady stream of content being produced on your site. We know we’ve said it before, but in the SEO and digital marketing world right now, content is still king. We're constantly asked about how to get your blog noticed and this post will help those who are eager to learn the ways of content marketing. Why are Blogs Important to Your Business? Blogs are important for [...]

How to get your blog noticed2018-04-17T12:19:04-04:00

Communication Is Key In Getting Results With Digital Marketing

Communication is key…for most things in life. If there is a lack of communication or confusion, problems tend to arise. In the digital marketing world, it is essential for the digital marketing agency to communicate effectively with its clients, but it’s also critical for the clients to efficiently communicate with the digital marketers. Both parties need to be clear and concise in order for online marketing plans to move forward and to succeed. Communicate Effectively Your Digital Marketing Agency When you hire a digital marketing agency, you have a goal in mind. You want more visibility on the web. You want more sales. You want more clients. You want more [...]

Communication Is Key In Getting Results With Digital Marketing2018-04-17T12:19:58-04:00

Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

SEO (search engine optimization). PPC (pay-per-click). Email. Content. Blogging. Social media. Web design and layout. As you can see, there’s a lot of online marketing techniques to grow and expand your visibility and business. Now, you don’t have to use all these options, but when used together you create a larger digital marketing strategy to grab potential clients’. Where do you start? It can be tricky knowing how to get started, and it can be even trickier finding the time to do it. Your company may not have the manpower to put the time and effort it takes to effectively plan, execute, and manage a digital marketing plan. Digital marketing [...]

Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency2018-03-16T12:40:04-04:00

How to Optimize Content for SEO

Right now, content is king on the internet. Google puts a lot of weight into content in its current algorithm regarding where you’ll show up in its SERPs (search engine result pages). These days, everyone is writing blogs, status updates, posts, and articles, but that doesn’t mean they’re SEO (search engine optimization) ready or friendly. By having "SEO content", a website is filled with information that has the goal of attracting search engine traffic. How Do You Write SEO Content? Utilize keywords in your content. Before you begin writing, do some keyword research, so you know what keywords people are searching for that relate to your business. You want to [...]

How to Optimize Content for SEO2018-03-20T19:14:41-04:00

How to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Move over clunky desktops and laptops…mobile devices are king when it comes to web browsing. It’s been this way for the past 4 years. In 2014, mobile users surpassed desktop users. Seventy-one percent of internet time comes from mobile devices. Forty-eight percent of consumers start their search with a search engine. Mobile email opens have grown by 180% in the last three years. The numbers don’t lie, which means your business’ site better be mobile friendly. If it isn’t, a prospective customer will quickly leave your site and move on to the next. You can either create a specific mobile site or make your current site responsive, so the screen [...]

How to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly2018-03-16T12:40:45-04:00

How to Deal with a Bad Online Review

A good review on Google or Yelp is like a coveted gold star. People look to reviews in making their next purchase or choosing one business over the other. They think to themselves, “these are REAL people saying REAL things about their experience.” Unfortunately, there isn’t always just good or real reviews. Occasionally, a bad review can pop up and will stare back at you like an F on a report card. Always Respond to a Bad Review So, what can you do if you got a bad Google, Facebook, Yelp, or other platform review? Don’t freak out, and calm down. You don’t want to write something you’ll regret or [...]

How to Deal with a Bad Online Review2018-03-16T12:40:52-04:00
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