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Using Landing Pages for SEO

Landing pages are an essential part of your SEO. With different landing pages, you can help increase your organic traffic, and hopefully your leads/conversion rates. Landing pages are one of the building blocks of SEO. These pages are keyword focused. What exactly is a landing page? A landing page is a page that focuses information targeted to a specific audience. This landing page can help you bring more visitors to your site, get them to contact you/buy a product or service, get them to sign up for email, share your page, or engage with you or the page.  You’re creating and designing this page to bring people to your site [...]

Using Landing Pages for SEO2018-08-01T11:18:23-04:00

Why Should You Invest in SEO

In 2018, it’s basically required that you invest in SEO if you want people to find your site. The goal of SEO is visibility. SEO gets more eyes on your site with the hope that you will gain more visitors and ultimately clients. With good SEO, your site will be higher in the search engine rankings and easier for people to find. Most people don’t look beyond page 2 or 3 on the search results, so you don’t want your site buried in the rankings. SEO, although not complicated, is time consuming and is strategic. It would be in your best interest to hire a digital marketing agency to do [...]

Why Should You Invest in SEO2018-06-20T12:10:19-04:00

What SEO Is and What SEO Isn’t

By now, most people may have heard the term “SEO,” but many are still unclear on what it is. Before hiring a company to help with your SEO, it’s a good idea you have a clear understanding of what SEO is. However, a good digital marketing agency will take the time to fully explain to you what SEO is, what it can do for you, and what it can’t do for you. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, helps your site become more visible in a search engine’s unpaid/organic/natural results. Overall, the higher your site is ranked on a search engine, the better chance you have at being seen and visited. [...]

What SEO Is and What SEO Isn’t2018-06-20T11:16:58-04:00

How to Find a Good SEO Writer

Writing is a skilled craft. With the way the internet is these days, everyone seems to be a “writer.” Whether it’s a blog post or Facebook status or a comment on an online message board, everyone is writing these days. However, not all this writing is “good” or “effective.” There’s many different types of writing out there, so when you decide to hire someone to be an SEO writer, you need to find someone who can create content that is optimized for the search engines. How can a person write for a search engine? The writer will write the content in a way that helps Google, and other search engines, [...]

How to Find a Good SEO Writer2018-06-20T10:49:09-04:00

Reasons to Hire a Company to Blog For You

Blog writing can be fun. Blog writing can be informative. Blog writing can be time consuming. The truth is: blog writing is essential to your SEO and brand as a company. By adding a blog to your site, you are providing visitors (potential clients or customers) with valuable knowledge and information. You are also creating fresh content that Google will notice and “reward” you for. The more you post, the more active your site looks to Google. An active site is more relevant to Google’s crawling and ranking system. The more content you create connected with your targeted keywords, the more Google will begin to associate you with those keywords [...]

Reasons to Hire a Company to Blog For You2018-06-20T10:39:49-04:00

Best SEO Tips to Rank in 2018

You can’t sleep on SEO. SEO is constantly changing and evolving. Many old SEO practices do not work anymore. SEO tactics can change or become ineffective in just a few weeks or months. Over the years, Google has continued to frequently change its algorithm, which means what it values has changed. Currently, content is king. If your site is struggling to get up in the rankings, you’re probably looking for better SEO practices. For this article, we wanted to share with you some of the best SEO tips to rank in 2018. Ways to Improve Your SEO Do your keyword research. Your keywords are key (pun intended) for you to [...]

Best SEO Tips to Rank in 20182018-05-25T11:26:18-04:00

What to Do When Your Organic Traffic Drops

When you invest your time and money into a SEO strategy, your goal is to increase visibility to your site, raise your site on search engine’s rankings, and help your site have a bigger domain authority with the search engines. If you’re frequently blogging, adding new pages to your site, doing on-page SEO, and being active on social media, you are actively executing SEO strategies to help increase your odds at your site being seen and accessed. SEO strategies help bring in the organic traffic to your site. Now, what does it mean if your organic traffic begins to drop and continues to drop despite you doing all the appropriate [...]

What to Do When Your Organic Traffic Drops2018-05-25T11:14:24-04:00

Website Content Mistakes that Can Hurt Your SEO

Being 2018, most of us know what a “bad” website looks like. A site that looks like it was made in 1995. No organization. No focal point. Ugly colors. Hard to read. Hard to find information. Tacky. (You get the idea). However, if your site looks visually pleasing, it still can be hurting you. How? Well, it could be lacking a lot of the proper content needed for not only visitors to like your site and purchase your product/service, but for the search engines to like (and read) your site, as well. As a digital marketing agency in Jacksonville, we wanted to share with you some website content mistakes that [...]

Website Content Mistakes that Can Hurt Your SEO2018-05-25T11:04:33-04:00

How Instagram Can Help Boost Your SEO

Instagram is more than just a place to post your latest concert photo or to view your best friend’s new shot of her baby. This social media platform can be a powerful SEO tool. Compared to Facebook, Instagram can often be “forgotten” when it comes to focusing social media campaigns and efforts; however, you can truly enhance your business and SEO by properly utilizing this social network app. If you’re thinking of implementing a SEO strategy, social media should always be a part of it. Instagram is just one of the many social media platforms you, as a business, should include in your strategy. For this article, we will focus [...]

How Instagram Can Help Boost Your SEO2018-05-25T09:55:08-04:00

What Is Black Hat SEO?

If you find yourself asking "What Is Black Hat SEO", you've come to the right spot. Did you even know SEO (search engine optimization) could be negative? It can. Black hat SEO isn’t if you don’t do enough SEO or minimal SEO on your site, it’s actual “bad” SEO that can damage your website, tank your rankings or even get you banned from the search engines. Negative SEO is the practice of black hat SEO techniques. What Is Black Hat SEO? Black hat SEO is different SEO techniques used for you to gain authority quickly with Google. Years ago, black hat practices used to be OK, but people began abusing [...]

What Is Black Hat SEO?2018-04-17T13:29:30-04:00

The Klout Score Effect On SEO

Yes, Klout Score influences your site’s SEO. You probably aware that blogging and on-page SEO certainly improves the SEO on your site, but you may have never heard of the Klout Score. What is the Klout Score? This unique score is a measure of your brand’s social media influence. The Klout number is calculated using a proprietary algorithm based on reach of your social network (how many people you’re influencing), your network impact (the influence of your network), and your amplification (how engaged your followers are/how much you’re influencing them). The Klout algorithm currently puts a lot of weight on amplification, because it measures your true influence. With a higher [...]

The Klout Score Effect On SEO2018-04-17T13:01:13-04:00

How to get your blog noticed

Blogging isn’t just a fun, personal hobby, it’s a substantial way for you to increase your SEO (search engine optimization) on your website. Your blogs will help the search engines give your website authority on the keywords you’re going after, if it sees a steady stream of content being produced on your site. We know we’ve said it before, but in the SEO and digital marketing world right now, content is still king. We're constantly asked about how to get your blog noticed and this post will help those who are eager to learn the ways of content marketing. Why are Blogs Important to Your Business? Blogs are important for [...]

How to get your blog noticed2018-04-17T12:19:04-04:00
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