If you’re a small business, you likely rely heavily on local traffic. Most of your business comes from people are near you geographically. These days, with the internet and mobile devices, you can reach a much wider audience locally, including audiences you may have never captured before using Local Search SEO for Small Businesses.

Many small businesses may think they’re doing fine without mobile optimization or local SEO (search engine optimization). Why? They get a lot of referrals or foot traffic; however, consumer patterns change and many consumers are migrating to searching for businesses on their mobile devices, so if your business/site isn’t on there or showing up on Page 1 of search results, you could be losing business.

Whether you’re a hair salon, diner, museum, retail store, or other small business, you want people to find you and choose you if they’re in the area looking for your service or business. If you’re lacking SEO or are not mobile friendly, you won’t show up in the search results, like you don’t even exist!

Don’t leave money on the table. As a small business, it’s essential that you capture your audience online.

Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), our team at Fincel Design can help your small business and website increase its ranking in search engine results. When it comes to local SEO, we strategically use localized keywords, community-driven content, addresses, and phone numbers to increase the awareness of your brand in a specific area. We work to bring your business ranking at the top in the town, city, county, or state that you’re trying to rank in.

SEO is common practice now, and so is local SEO, which means if you’re not utilizing these digital marketing tactics, your local competition will likely outrank you on the search engines and take business from you. Don’t sit by the sidelines – let our local SEO experts bring your site to the top of consumers’ local search results!

Local Search and SEO Tactics for Small Business

There are several local search and SEO tactics our team uses to help optimize your site and help your site dominate the rankings in the local market.

Name/Address/Phone Numbers – Throughout headers, footers, contact pages, and call to actions (CTAs), we place your name, address(es), and phone number(s) on the site. Not only is it easy for a user to find the info, but this information is now more visible to the search engines.

Title/Meta Descriptions – We customize these with proper local keywords to reflect the content of your site. We use this space wisely like an AD for your business.

Reviews – Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Foursquare, and many more platforms all have places for people to leave reviews. These reviews can help future customers decide whether to do business with you. We can put your business on these sites, so people can begin leaving you reviews, which can help boost your brand, get more people visiting your site, and get the search engines to rank you higher.

Google My Business – We will get your site listed with Google My Business, so your business has visibility on Google Maps and Google Search in your local area.

Google Ad Extensions – Through Google Ad Extensions, you can expand your ad with more information about your business to give people more reasons to choose you. These extensions usually increase an ad’s click-through-rate as they encourage people to visit your site.

Local Link Building – We can connect your site to local businesses and directories in or related to your industry to link back to you.

Keyword Analyzing –Through keyword research, we will find what keywords work best in your local area and industry based on search volumes.

Responsive Website Design – A responsive site is critical for those searching locally. A responsive website automatically resizes to fit all screens on any device. We make sure your site is responsive and mobile ready, so that it can be accessed and user-friendly on all devices. Since most of the local web traffic comes from mobile devices, you don’t want to miss out on potential clients/customers because your site doesn’t work well on a certain device.

Online listings – We get you on as many local business listings as possible on places like Yelp, CitySearch, and more. We make sure your information is correct.

Local structured data markup – We add these markups to your site’s code to provide the search engines with more information about your business. We make your business stand out, as this tactic helps site crawlers better determine what your site’s content is about.

Optimized Content – Throughout the site, we make it easy for consumers to find where your location, your business hours, your products or services, and how to contact you. We use localized keywords and write locally inspired content.

Web and Mobile Development – We make sure people can access your site easily and fast from any location and device.

Hire a Jacksonville Digital Marketing Company for Local SEO Services

The above local SEO tactics are just glimpse of what we can do to help your site rank well and be found locally. At Fincel Design, we offer a variety of digital marketing services to suit every need in every industry. Through digital marketing, we help our clients improve their brand and increase their brand’s visibility and recognizability. Our team can help grow your business and give your visibility in your local area.

As a small business, it’s very important to optimize your site as many people use their mobile devices over a desktop computer to search for a business locally and nearby to make a purchase or get a service. With proper site optimization, you will get your business appearing higher in the local search results, so people find your fast and first!

Our team at Fincel Design are pros are SEO for small business and can help you with site and mobile optimization. We can create and implement a digital marketing strategy for you, so your business grows and your site climbs higher in the rankings. We are a full-service digital marketing agency located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Let’s get your small business optimized for local searches today! Contact us through our contact page or call 904-834-0509.