Blogging isn’t just a fun, personal hobby, it’s a substantial way for you to increase your SEO (search engine optimization) on your website. Your blogs will help the search engines give your website authority on the keywords you’re going after, if it sees a steady stream of content being produced on your site. We know we’ve said it before, but in the SEO and digital marketing world right now, content is still king. We’re constantly asked about how to get your blog noticed and this post will help those who are eager to learn the ways of content marketing.

Why are Blogs Important to Your Business?

Blogs are important for your business and site for both your readers and the search engines. For the customers/potential customers, you are building trust and credibility through your knowledge on topics. You’re creating content that is making them want to engage with you, learn more, come back for more, and purchase your service and/or product. The same is similar for the search engines. Your blogs can boost your SEO results and the organic traffic (traffic not from paid Ads) coming to your site. The more content you produce and the better SEO-optimized these blogs are, your site will slowly climb the rankings on the search engines. Blogging can help you get at least twice as much traffic as a website that never blogs. So continue reading as we explain how to get your blog noticed and in front of the people that matter.

Now, how to get your blog noticed

New and frequent blogs show the search engines that your site is lively and not outdated or abandoned. Why would Google want to list a website high up in its results if it thought it had no relevance, or old or minimal content? The search engines want to list the sites with the most authorities on a topic higher in the rankings. The blog page is your chance to always add content to your site. It isn’t as easy to update your About Us or Services page.

The more you blog, the more content the search engines will crawl and index. There isn’t a magical number, but you should make sure you’re getting fresh content up there every week. If you have the time, daily posts or even multiple daily posts, would really help boost your results.

With a blog article, visitors, who may have never come across your site otherwise, have now landed on your site. Some of these visitors may potentially turn into customer. Blogs give you more visibility to bigger audiences. These days, at least three-quarters of the blogs written on the internet are written with the purpose to generate business while educating or entertaining.

In your blogs, you should write for both a human and a search engine. Your blog post should be coherent, engaging, factual, fun, and read easy – this is what will attract and engage a person. For the search engines, your blogs should include critical keywords your trying to go after in the titles and content, images with alt tags, and should be at least 300 words.

You will also benefit tremendously SEO-wise by sharing your blog on your business’ social media page. Not only will you reach a larger audience on Facebook or Twitter, but the search engines will notice your popularity on these social platforms and give you a better Klout Score, which is your social influence.

When you blog, you officially just created a new page on your website. The search engines will love crawling and indexing your new content, and will reward you for this new post by ranking you higher.

Hire a Digital Marketing Company to Write Your Blogs

Now that we’ve explained how to get your blog noticed, you may be asking yourself do I even have the time to do all this? Blogs may not be difficult to write, but they can be time consuming, especially when written for SEO purposes. If you don’t have time to blog or cannot write well, that’s where we come in! Our team at Fincel Design can help implement a SEO and digital marketing strategy for you, so your blogs can reflect your potential client’s and current client’s needs, as well as the search engine’s needs, which can help your business grow. Our blogs are engaging for the customer while being seo-effective for the search engines.

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