How to Deal with a Bad Online Review

//How to Deal with a Bad Online Review

A good review on Google or Yelp is like a coveted gold star. People look to reviews in making their next purchase or choosing one business over the other. They think to themselves, “these are REAL people saying REAL things about their experience.” Unfortunately, there isn’t always just good or real reviews. Occasionally, a bad review can pop up and will stare back at you like an F on a report card.

Always Respond to a Bad Review

So, what can you do if you got a bad Google, Facebook, Yelp, or other platform review? Don’t freak out, and calm down. You don’t want to write something you’ll regret or that you don’t want other customers to see. Sure, this isn’t a good thing to have against you up on the internet, especially since Google uses reviews from many platforms in its search algorithm, and a bad review can hurt your search engine rankings. However, although you may not be able to delete that bad review, you may be able to lessen its bad effects.

First, try and figure out if the review is real. Sometimes, a competitor or even a random (internet troll) person can write a bad review to stir up trouble. Check to see if the person was ever a customer of yours. If they were a real customer, see what they bought/got serviced from you. Learn about how this person was involved with your company. Make sure their bad experience never happens to them or another customer again.

Next, whether or not the review was fake, respond to it, and respond quickly. You want to show current and future customers, publicly, how you deal with a client or customer’s dissatisfaction. A quick response shows quality customer service. In your response, you can let this customer and other customers know what happened will never occur again. Don’t make excuses, and offer to fix the problem. Customers, including the complainant, will appreciate you owning up to the problem. If it definitely is a fake review, respond and tell the person you can’t find them in your records, but still offer to fix the situation. You can also flag or report the review as fraudulent. Remember, even if you flag a review it may never be taken down, which is why responding is crucial.

Try and Get a Review Removed on Google, Facebook, or Other Social Media Platform

On Google, you can flag a review by clicking on the “Flas as inappropriate” section. You can also call Google and follow up on your flagged review. If the review is slanderous and fake, you also have the option to file a legal removal request with Google. You’ll want to work with a lawyer on this one. You can also report to Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter, and other platforms about a fake review. If you can make a good cause, these platforms will remove the review. Keep in mind, it can be difficult to prove someone’s identity online, so it will be hard to explain to a platform how this person wasn’t a customer.

Bad Reviews Can Possibly Help You, But Don’t Aim to Get Them

Ever hear of the saying that any press (good or bad) is good press? Well, a bad review can sometimes work to your favor, as well. You can share your bad review, especially if its fake, with loyal customers who like you and your business. In return, your customers may feel bad about your name being hurt, and decide (on their own) to share and write their own positive review.

If it makes you feel better, a 5-star rating isn’t even considered the best! A research team at Northwestern University found that “Purchase likelihood then peaks when the average star rating of a product is between 4.2 and 4.5 stars and starts to drop as the star rating approaches a perfect 5.”

If you’re getting multiple negative reviews and they’re not fake, it’s time for you to work on things internally and fix problems that are occurring.

Keep an eye on the negative review. Stay true to your word to rectify the situation (if it was real) and see if it was removed (if it was fake). Hey, the customer may even change their review if you fixed their issue quickly and nicely!

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