How to Engage Your Buyers and Boost E-commerce Sales

//How to Engage Your Buyers and Boost E-commerce Sales

The internet has, over the years, become a massive sea of sites. It grows daily and it is easy to get lost amidst the millions of other sites online. No matter your industry, you are guaranteed to have competition if you operate an e-commerce site. Grabbing people’s attention and getting them directed to your site is vital.

Shopping online, shoppers bounce from site to site comparing deals. Your marketing ideas, as well as your branding and site’s ease of use, all need to grab their attention and keep it.

While for every industry the tactics have to vary, here are some ideas we have seen work for you can play with and try in order to increase online visibility, traffic and ultimately, boost your sales.

#1 Giveaways – People love free things. Create a stir on social media with vivid pictures and a promotion give away in exchange for likes and follows on your pages as a chance to enter a drawing.

#2 Customer loyalty – promote loyalty by making reordering a great value. People enjoy being appreciated and when that is combined with a great product or service, it’s a winning combination.

#3 Create Contests! – come up with a self-identifying hashtag to be used for the promotion. Visually create a still image or video clip and use the post to inspire viewers to share. This can help build brand awareness as well as drive traffic and sales.

#4 People love a common cause – create a challenge that viewers can participate in.

#5 Don’t be afraid to up-sell – If you have an adjacent product or service that complements one already in the cart – let it be known to the consumer, many appreciate the suggestion and often take the advice.

#6 Make your site as easy to navigate as possible – Many businesses want to cover every aspect of their workings and find that in doing so they end up with super bulky difficult to get around sites. Consumers want 4 things. Ease, convenience and great products/service and prices. If you can give them that, they will likely stop clicking around and buy. If you look at your analytics and you have a really high bounce rate this means people are getting to your site – your SEO and advertising is working, but something on the site isn’t and will need to be altered to capture attention or work more smoothly. Once you find the right tweak, sales generally will increase and that bounce rate will drop like a hot potato.

Advertising and marketing is only expensive when it doesn’t work.

Why shoot in the dark trying out ideas blindly when you can let the professionals at Fincel Design help to guide you? If you are interested in a consultation to see just what we can do for you we would love to set up a time to talk. Give us a call at 904-834-0509 or contact us online.