Digital Knowledge Management or DKM is extremely important to the success of your business on and off the web. As time passes, DKM only gets more important – so important that companies are creating new positions titled Digital Knowledge Manager. You can’t solely just think about your website anymore. You need to think about your brand everywhere else on the internet.

According to Jon Buss, managing director or Yext, a Digital Knowledge Management (DKM) platform, 73 percent of high-intent traffic happens off your website in places like the search engines, directories, maps, social media sites, chats interfaces, etc. Potential customers can engage with your brand in all these places – not just your website.

DKM involves you identifying, managing, and curating your entities. DKM calls for you to be proactive. You want to catalogue and manage all the information the public has access to about your business, whether it’s your name or address or credentials.

Your website isn’t the only place on the web with information about your business on it, so it’s your job to make sure this information in many (and many) places is correct so potential customers and the search engines don’t become confused. You want to be in control of the public information about your company that is out there. There’s a lot of places on the web where your information could be outdated, incorrect, or nonsensical.

As a business owner, it is up to you to decide if you want to leave all this information out there regarding your business untouched, or if you want to manage this information to present the correct version of your brand across many platforms – you never know how people will find you.

DKM is a big task. In fact, it can be nearly impossible to do it manually as a single person. If your business has hundreds of products or different locations, it can be a challenge to update information all over the web. It can even take up to six months for a manual submission for a directory or search engine to update. It’s a lot easier with the help of a digital knowledge management system.

How Does Digital Knowledge Management Help My Brand?

With a proper digital knowledge management plan in place, you are in control of the digital knowledge of your business/brand. You want the consumer to always be presented with correct information, especially in such a fast-paced society. If a consumer gets presented with incorrect information, like an out-of-service phone line, he or she may move on to the next business.

You’re also protecting your brand and reputation when the right information is presented. You don’t want potential customers driving to an old location thinking that is where your store is.

In a survey conducted by Yext, 80 percent of people had encountered incorrect information online about a business, whether it was about hours, promotions, or phone numbers. About half of these people surveyed also blamed the business itself for the incorrect information, which harms the brand’s reputation.

You need to give potential customers correct information, especially when they are on pages where they are considering doing business or making a purchase. According to Google, one-third of mobile searches are people looking at local businesses and 76 percent of those people convert to a business within one day and 28 percent of those visits make a purchase. You don’t want to lose people because your information is wrong!

Take control of your brand experience and practice DKM to boost brand engagement and increase revenue.

Hire a Digital Marketing Company to Manage Your DKM

A successful marketing strategy online is one that has multiple approaches and DKM is just one approach. You also need to be managing content and reviews, making sure your site loads fast and is mobile-friendly, practicing SEO, and being active on the search engines – all these strategies working together can help you make a successful business and site.

As previously stated, DKM is a big undertaking, so it’d be in your best interest to hire a digital marketing company to manage your brand all over the web. Even if only one of your store locations changed hours, our team can get that changed for you.

Our team at Fincel Design can help implement a DKM and digital marketing strategy for you, so your brand can be found correctly all over the web.

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