You can’t sleep on SEO. SEO is constantly changing and evolving. Many old SEO practices do not work anymore. SEO tactics can change or become ineffective in just a few weeks or months. Over the years, Google has continued to frequently change its algorithm, which means what it values has changed. Currently, content is king. If your site is struggling to get up in the rankings, you’re probably looking for better SEO practices. For this article, we wanted to share with you some of the best SEO tips to rank in 2018.

Ways to Improve Your SEO

  • Do your keyword research. Your keywords are key (pun intended) for you to create quality content, on-page SEO, and link building. See what keywords have high or medium search volumes. Look to see what keywords your competitors are using. Make your keywords more specific, because broader terms are harder to rank for. Mention your location in your keyword. Use longtail keywords so your traffic is more targeted.
  • Pay attention to your on-page SEO. Make sure all your pages are optimized. Try to mention your keyword around two to four times per page but remember not to overdue it. People don’t want to read the same word(s) over and over, and Google will not want to read it over and over (Google could penalize you for it). Make sure your keyword is in the page title, meta description, URL, and H1 and/or H2 headings. Don’t forget to optimize your images, as well. Put your keywords in the filename, title, and ALT tags.
  • Focus on improving your backlinks. Work with other sites and companies to get your info/link on them. Reclaim lost or broken links. Share your information with influencers and bloggers who can link to your site. Offer special deals for those who are willing to refer your business and link back to your site.
  • Make sure your pages and links are good for Google to crawl and access with readable content and images with nothing broken.
  • Perform a search query in Google to figure out what Google believes to be relevant to your keywords searches. You want to know what type of content is required.
  • Make sure your site is HTTPS. HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS is the secure version of the HTTP, which means all communication between the browser and website are encrypted. Google cares about this.

Hire a Jacksonville Digital Marketing Company to Do Your SEO

If you follow the above tips, your site will begin to rank better in 2018. SEO isn’t magic, so it can take time for you to see the fruits of your labor. Right now, Google cares about content and the user experience, so focus on strategies that boost those two things.

SEO isn’t a quick fix, it’s a long-term strategy and tool. Our team at Fincel Design can help you implement a SEO and digital marketing content strategy, so your site can increase in the rankings in this year and the years to come. We are a full service digital marketing agency located in Jacksonville, Florida. Call us today and let’s get started on getting you ranked! Reach out to us online or call 904-834-0509.