Digital marketing trends continue to develop and evolve at a rapid pace. We’ve now entered a phase with an emphasis on automation, personalization, and seamless integration. Digital marketing trends, however, are exactly just that—trends that come and go, but some of them end up becoming permanent in the marketing landscape. Often, they rise as a result of new technologies and shifting consumer behavior, meaning that they merge as a means to fill a void of need. This void is precisely where you need to be as a small business!

It’s important to look for ways to ramp up your marketing efforts continually so that you can keep up with competition and help your business grow. Remember to take advantage of new technologies and opportunities to reach customers, especially in a way that makes them feel heard and special. To address the void of need, you must explore the many digital marketing trends. This article examines the top three trends happening now, perfect for small business owners like yourself.

1 – The rise of voice search

Half of the consumers around the world have switched to the use of voice assistants, of which, nearly 81 percent use voice search through their handheld devices. Vocal communication continues to be the main form of exchange between human beings. That is the sole reason people now enjoy voice as a way of interacting with devices and technology. If you wish for your small business to remain relevant, adapting to voice search functions should be among your priorities.

Because voice search banks on highly casual and conversational language, ensure that your keywords are set in both question and command formats. Like SEO, your content is optimized according to the type of keywords relevant to voice searches, which should include long-tail keywords related to your business. Words like “best” and “price,” for instance, are common keywords.

2 – Emerging and trending content

Digital marketing thrives on content. There are types of content that will always remain as the norm, but new forms rise to challenge the way content is consumed. The growing trend of interactive content, for instance, allows users to interact better with brands. Such content includes polls, quizzes, contests, and challenges, where users are encouraged to interact with brands under the guise of “belonging” and being “on-trend.” If you’re targeting young audiences, the use of novel content is a good digital marketing trend to hop on!

3 –  Video content imbued with branding

Researchers pose that by 2020, videos will account for 82 percent of consumer internet traffic. Video marketing shouldn’t remain static, however, and people are continuously looking for new ways to engage with audiences through video. Some of the most popular trends now are branded videos, usually found on platforms like Instagram (via the IGTV) and the ever-popular TikTok.

The use of branded video content works best with influencers. So, you can consider teaming up with local influencers for your small business, as they will be able to build trust and connect with their respective audiences better than you can on your own. For instance, you can invite them over to your restaurant or send over PR packages that they can feature. Through their style and command, you will be able to build a new following for your small business.


Some of the trends mentioned above may not work for you, but it’s also possible that every single one of those could help you reach and engage with audiences better. Remember that digital marketing is a landscape that changes frequently, and to keep your business relevant, you must remain flexible enough to adapt. You may want to work with the experts as well, so you can make the most out of your marketing efforts.

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