8 Tips to Improve Your SEO

//8 Tips to Improve Your SEO

Google doesn’t sleep, which means your SEO must be “on” every day. Your SEO is like a living organism – it needs to adapt and change to survive and get ahead. SEO is a full-time job. It is a lot of work to implement different SEO practices within your business’ SEO strategy. Since Google’s algorithm often changes, you need to be on top of these changes to keep your site competitive in the rankings.

Even if you’re implementing everything you think you should be, your traffic and/or rankings may be dipping. It can be frustrating to see your numbers decreasing when you’re putting constant work in. So, why is your site lowering in numbers? Don’t worry – there’s different things you can do to get your site back up again.

SEO Strategies to Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Rankings

  • Utilize the Google Search Console. This tool can help you see that everything on your site is running smoothly. The console will show you how it views your website, and it’s easy to use. Google Search Console will let you: see URLS the way the search engine sees it, measures how fast your site is performing on all devices, evaluates your sitemap, informs you of potential security issues, gives you a list of keywords that put your site in the search engine result pages (SERPs), and tell you about any links that Google’s bot had trouble crawling. This tool also allows you to identify and fix any SEO problems.
  • Reassess your Keywords – Check to see how the current keywords you’re targeting are performing. Check to see if you are keywords are attracting the audience you’re targeting. Once you have a new set of keywords or know which keywords are the most valuable, use these keywords in your pages and blog posts.
  • Check Out Google Trends – Google Trends can let you know what the interest is in specific keywords, and what regions this keyword performs best in.
  • Create High-Quality, Relevant Content – Quality content is important to Google and users. Write content that is relevant to your users and has your important targeted keywords spread out.
  • Keep Content Fresh – Post blogs and update pages on your site regularly. This makes your site looks relevant.
  • Keyword-Up Links – Use your keywords in links to other pages instead of saying “Click Here” or “Read More.” This strategy will help improve your search engine rankings of the page and site.
  • Use Alt Tags – Alt tags are a way to describe your videos and images. They allow search engines to locate your page. Make sure you are using them all throughout your site!
  • Hire an SEO Expert – SEO is time consuming and can be difficult. When you work with a SEO marketing company, like Fincel Design, we have the experience to get you ranked higher. We stay on top of your keywords and site’s performance.

Hire a Digital Marketing Company to Improve Your SEO

Don’t get frustrated with your dipping traffic or rankings – let us, the experts, fix this problem for you. We’ll get your site on the right track again! Our team at Fincel Design can help implement a SEO and digital marketing content strategy for you to improve your rankings and traffic, which will lead to more business. We are a full service digital marketing agency located in Jacksonville, Florida. Email Us or call 904-834-0509 today to get started!