Growth is a necessary part of business development. All owners should aim to secure more clients, especially when they have worked so hard to get the ball running. If you are a business owner, you cannot rely on the revenue coming in from existing sources. Though you might have good partnerships, you must cultivate others. This is why getting the word out about your company is important. It is needed at any stage, but it is especially valuable in the beginning.

Because marketing plays a large part in a company’s success, it is important to hire the right people for the job. When you’re looking for an agency, there is much more to consider than the price tag or the packages. Below are things you should look out for in your next marketing team.

1. Ability to collaborate among specialists

A traditional way of organizing marketing teams is by the type of output; copywriters are separate from content writers, who do not collaborate with UX designers, and so on. However, for digital marketing efforts to succeed, projects must have people who are well-versed in different skills.

Ask how your prospective digital marketing company organizes their team for projects. An agency optimized for work online will have people who can collaborate across specializations. Streamlined, consistent collateral will show this capacity for teamwork.

2. Solutions-oriented approach

When you sit down for your initial consultation, pay attention to their messaging. Are they talking about their services, or are they prompting you to talk more about your company? An effective digital marketing agency focuses on what their customer needs, not on what their team can achieve.

It is not enough to hire an agency based solely on the range of services they can provide. Though this is an indicator of their employees’ talents, it is not a measurement of how well your particular problems will be addressed. More than their hard skills, look at how the agency communicates with you and listens to your plans.

3. Transparency and accessibility

Check your prospective agency’s website. Aside from their list of offerings, what else is featured prominently? Choose a team that includes their company address, client case studies or testimonies, and press coverage on their website.

This gives the impression of reliability. You will want to do business with people who supply more than just their address on the company website. Even if they’re a young firm, they should have at least a couple of these showcased to prove that they are serious in conducting business with customers.

4. Rapport-building skills

Marketing is all about cultivating a brand’s presence. This means marketers must be able to read a company, select the things that should be highlighted about it, and craft campaigns that are able to reach large audiences.

To do this, they should know how to click with their clients’ personalities, to tease out what the brand’s values are. Go with an agency whose people you can talk to easily. Rapport can be built, true, but it will go over so much easier if you already like the person with whom you’re interacting.


A successful marketing campaign can only come from good collaboration with your marketing company. When choosing an online marketing team, go for one that is transparent, approachable, solutions-oriented, and collaborative. Though technical skills are the most important tools of marketers, these four factors also contribute to success.

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