Are you looking to set your blog apart from the rest? Then you will need to understand how to brand your blog. With a large number of blogs already having established their presence and collected a substantial audience, you need to know all the tricks you can to get ahead. Branding might seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s a must if you want your blog to be recognizable.

Think of corporations like UPS or Coke – their slogans, colors, and logos are immediately identifiable and perfectly set them apart from their competitors. Their unique way of presenting their products is designed to connect with their customers, and the same tactics can be used for blogs, regardless of their niche or size.

By establishing a unique brand identity that your audience immediately recognizes, you subsequently help your blog stand out from the otherwise crowded field. You might be surprised by how many new comments, shares, and followers you get.

Every successful corporation and entrepreneur utilizes branding. With that in mind, how can you brand your blog and create a unique, identifiable brand? Herein is a comprehensive overview of four tips on how to brand your blog.

1. Give Your Blog a Tagline

In an otherwise overcrowded market, a unique and creative business slogan can make all the difference. Similarly, when it comes to blogging, a great slogan can be a fantastic way to generate traffic to your blog.

A tagline is basically the elevator pitch of your brand. It helps people to get a quick grasp of precisely who you are. Essentially, slogans add insight into the personality of your blog as well as your content, which is vital to your brand.

Not only is a tagline potentially catchy and memorable, but it will also help your readers associate your blog with a certain lifestyle or message. When creating a catchphrase for your blog, consider the necessary keywords and focus of your blog. Nestle, for instance, is well known for its famous slogan, “Good Food, Good Life”. It informs potential customers about what the company does, as well as reassures them about their choice of product.

Check out  Zyro’s Free Slogan Generator – Generate a Catchy Slogan Easily if you cannot seem to come up with an appropriate tagline for your blog, or other resources such as competitor examples. A slogan generator is a unique tool that can help you generate a catchphrase easily and quickly – all you need is to type in the name of your brand or something relevant to your business, and it will generate a ton of ideas you can use.

2. Identify Your Niche

Whether a blog is for the purpose of promoting your brand or solely focuses on a personal subject, many of these blogs never really break out into the market. This is because they fail to specialize, never really securing a loyal audience that’s interested in a single subject.

To avoid this, ensure that you find yourself a niche, or create one yourself, and effectively utilize it. Since you will be pressed to identify an untapped market opportunity, your best option is to evaluate your interests and passions and focus on them.

Depending on the general area of preference you choose to focus on, such as travel, food, or fashion, picking a niche may require you to do a little research to narrow down your options.

Once you settle on a subject, go beyond the norm and establish your unique scope. For instance, if you are blogging about food, don’t just settle as a typical food blogger – you will have much more success if you go for something like “Hotdogs and Hamburgers”.

Finally, it is essential to pick a niche that interests you the most, as well as where you can be original, as there is no point in starting a blog that you do not have passion for.

3. Create a unique voice

After you have your objectives laid out in front of you, it will get easier for you to create a unique voice. Ideally, this is not something that you should stress about.

This means that the blogging style you set out on your initial launch may not even be close to the final product you will create after a few months of working on your project.

As such, the personality of your blog will be deeply influenced by the way you are used to expressing yourself. Take time to think about how you want your blog to be perceived and in what way you wish to engage with your readers. This will exhibit itself in the content you create and how you interact with others both on your blog as well as other related social media platforms.

4. Design a recognizable theme

Your blog’s niche, its personality, as well as its look, are all connected with each other. Although you should ensure you keep things simple with your blog theme, this does not mean that you can’t have a well-thought-out and beautiful design structure that will awe your readers.

Still, rather than creating a new website from scratch, you can decide to go with a dedicated standard WordPress blog theme, and still achieve the needed effect. With a ready to use website canvas, you only need to invest a little energy and time to have a high-performing and fully functional blog up and going.

The important thing is to stick with a minimal, clean, and modern approach, add your branding touches, and you will be all set! Your content is what matters most in the end, and therefore having an over-cluttered blog will not do you any good at all.


As a blogger, in spite of whether your blog focuses on a personal subject or your business, it is crucial to contemplate what your brand will look like, as well as its impact on your content going forward. The best way to do this is to brand your blog effectively, and with the pointers we’ve discussed, you will definitely set your blog on track for unrivaled success. Good luck!