Your website’s design is one of the more integral factors that affect your overall online presence. A well-designed website won’t just be visually pleasing for your visitors, but it will also be functional and navigable—giving them an overall positive experience using it. This, in turn, causes them to appreciate your brand, pushing them to patronize your business more.

No matter how good or aesthetically pleasing your design is, however, your online efforts are wasted if you can’t convert a visitor to a customer. It is only through conversion that you can say your digital marketing efforts are worth your time and money—which is why optimizing your conversion rate is necessary.

To help you in this regard, here are three beginner web design tips to help you boost the conversion rates of your website.

Optimize your website

One of the most important design tips to remember from the onset is to always have optimization in mind throughout each step. Mobile optimization is one distinct and crucial aspect of this, especially in today’s age that allows internet surfing through mobile devices. Apart from that, making sure that your website is viewable across any device through any browser is just as essential as well.

Beyond mere viewing, however, optimizing your website must also have speed in mind. Slow loading speeds and response times are frustrating for your visitors—potentially losing you their interest and patronage if you take too slow. Limiting file sizes and shortening code lengths are the best options here, which both must be done from the start.

Keep it simple

A major misconception towards web design that many business owners have is that spectacular aesthetics must be their top priority. While this is definitely one major factor, focusing too much on visuals can often lead to bombing your website with too many elements on one page. This won’t just look messy, but it’s also incredibly nauseating for your visitors to navigate through.

Simple designs don’t immediately mean boring, they’re incredibly neat, sleek, and incredibly easy on the eyes of your visitors. Decluttering the visual elements of your website can easily achieve a simple look, thus increasing the possibility of giving a good user experience.

Stop auto-playing videos

Videos, on a general basis, make for good content. A majority of websites and platforms in today’s age prioritize the use of videos to enhance the efficiency of their marketing—but this only works if implemented correctly.

Auto-playing videos, for example, can be incredibly annoying for visitors, as it can interrupt the flow of their visit. Furthermore, it has the capacity to bog down and slow the loading speed of your webpages—which is why having your users play the videos at their own behest is the best option.


The design of your business website can inadvertently affect the efficiency of your website making a conversion. By optimizing and fixing certain aspects, a user can more easily find the information they need to choose to patronize your business. For the best results, however, your best option is to hire a professional web design agency that can help improve your website’s design.

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