Whether you built your business’s website or had it developed for you, the site needs to be ready to scale alongside your operations. Unfortunately, this is a major undertaking and one that can seem impossible, especially if you do not know what to do. If you fail to take up this challenge and insist on using your basic website design, however, you can end up hurting your company more than you’re saving it. Aside from paying opportunity costs, your reputation could take a hit.

Given the importance of a proper business website, consider upgrading your basic website to a pro-level site as soon as you get the chance. Here are our two tips for making this change:

1. Look for a website design agency to work with

If you’re thinking about upgrading your website on your own or paying a freelancer a hundred bucks to do it for you, you might want to think again. Why? It’s simple. Designing and developing a professional website is no easy task, especially if your knowledge is limited. Not only will you end up wasting too time and effort making changes, but those changes might not even be good ones, to begin with. For example, rather than offering a faster-loading website, you might add new features that slow it down even more.

With that in mind, we highly recommend that you work with professional web designers for the duration of your site redesign. With their years of experience, they’ll be able to thoroughly analyze your website and figure out what kind of upgrades are necessary to improve your website. In other words, not only do you save time and money working with professionals, but you’ll end up with a much better-performing website!

While the skills of a professional website designer and developer cannot be dismissed, there’s one more crucial aspect of upgrading a basic website: switching website hosts.

2. Switch your website host

If your site is undergoing a major upgrade with scalability in mind, you may find switching your website host to be crucial. Why is this important? Think of it as a website host as a home, and the site as the individual living there. When you’re single, a small house is suitable. However, once you’ve settled with a partner and grown a family, that small home needs changed to a bigger one. In the same vein, growing websites demand more resources. For that reason, switching to a new and better website host is a must.

Once you’ve done selecting a new host, you’ll need to migrate your website to them. In this step, you’ll need to back up your website using a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress. Once that’s done, when you have it uploaded and running in the new host, check it to make sure everything is as it should be. Of course, don’t forget to switch your DNS so that your visitors can find you again.


In short, upgrading your website is a must-do, especially if you’re expanding as a business. That’s because, with a better website, not only are you able to fit more pages into it to display your offerings, but ensure that it runs faster and better no matter the platform a user uses to visit the website.

Lack of digital knowledge in redesigning your website and need professionals in Jacksonville to help to get it done? We’ll do that for you! Get in touch with us to learn more!