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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

If you want to have a successful business, the first thing you need to do is to embrace the power of the internet. Writing a business blog to start your internet marketing strategy helps you grow your business online. In this article, we’ll be showing you what a business blog actually is and how can it be beneficial. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and keep on reading! What Is a Business Blog? In short, a blog is a dynamic website where you regularly update your content in a form of texts or media, such as images, videos, or audio. Whenever you create a new post, it’s displayed [...]

Why Your Business Needs a Blog2019-12-11T09:51:11-05:00

Fix Incorrect Business Listings – A How-to by Fincel Design

Can your customers find you online? Sure, you have your website and you’re ranking high on the search engine result pages, but what about everywhere else? Directories? Review sites? Social media pages? If your information on these pages isn’t correct or outdated, potential customers will not be able to find you. In fact, some of them may think your business is irresponsible for not updating your information – and some of these people will turn to your competition for business instead of you. Now is the time to fix incorrect business listings. Your business information is likely found on many business listings throughout the web. People go to these listings to [...]

Fix Incorrect Business Listings – A How-to by Fincel Design2019-03-06T16:55:52-05:00

Digital Knowledge Management – A New Era In Marketing Strategy

Digital Knowledge Management or DKM is extremely important to the success of your business on and off the web. As time passes, DKM only gets more important – so important that companies are creating new positions titled Digital Knowledge Manager. You can’t solely just think about your website anymore. You need to think about your brand everywhere else on the internet. According to Jon Buss, managing director or Yext, a Digital Knowledge Management (DKM) platform, 73 percent of high-intent traffic happens off your website in places like the search engines, directories, maps, social media sites, chats interfaces, etc. Potential customers can engage with your brand in all these places – [...]

Digital Knowledge Management – A New Era In Marketing Strategy2019-03-06T10:05:05-05:00

Mobile-First Indexing – 5 Things You Should Know

Earlier this year, there was a lot of talk about mobile-first indexing, which has to do with Google trying to make the web more mobile friendly, as Google is starting to slowly roll this new way of indexing out. With more people accessing Google from mobile devices rather than a desktop, Google has decided to prioritize mobile results in its search engine rankings. According to Google, 94% of people in America with smartphones search for local information on their phones, and 77% of mobile searches happen at home or where, even though people possible have a desktop computer nearby. In this post, our team at Fincel Design wanted to share [...]

Mobile-First Indexing – 5 Things You Should Know2019-03-06T09:07:16-05:00

WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial – How To Get Ready For WordPress 5

Welcome to our Wordpress Gutenberg Tutorial Are you ready for the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg update? Haven’t heard of it? Not ready? We, at Fincel Design, got you covered. Don’t worry – this change is for the better and our Wordpress Gutenberg Tutorial will help you understand how and why. You came to the right spot to learn about this new editor on your site. Below, our Wordpress Gutenberg Tutorial will breakdown and explain what Gutenberg is, what it means for you, what to do before it launches, and how to use this new editor for your WordPress content. This change has been a long time coming and it will make updating content [...]

WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial – How To Get Ready For WordPress 52018-10-18T17:22:06-04:00

Top 5 SEO Mistakes to Correct on Your Site in 2018

SEO is critical to have if you want your site to rank well on the search engines; however, there is a chance your SEO on your site isn’t up to par or truly targeting the audience you want to attract. When you meet our team at Fincel Design, we will work with you to understand more about your business, and your overall objectives. We will do an SEO audit of your site to create an effective strategy; we will take a look at what you have, what you’re missing, and what you have too much of. For this article, our team wanted to share with you some common mistakes that [...]

Top 5 SEO Mistakes to Correct on Your Site in 20182018-09-04T10:36:27-04:00

8 Tips to Improve Your SEO

Google doesn’t sleep, which means your SEO must be “on” every day. Your SEO is like a living organism – it needs to adapt and change to survive and get ahead. SEO is a full-time job. It is a lot of work to implement different SEO practices within your business’ SEO strategy. Since Google’s algorithm often changes, you need to be on top of these changes to keep your site competitive in the rankings. Even if you’re implementing everything you think you should be, your traffic and/or rankings may be dipping. It can be frustrating to see your numbers decreasing when you’re putting constant work in. So, why is your [...]

8 Tips to Improve Your SEO2018-09-04T10:13:01-04:00

SEO Strategy and the Importance of SEO for 2018 and beyond

SEO isn’t stagnant; its always changing. Search engines, like Google, have algorithms that put different weights on certain SEO practices – what used to be important last year, may not be as important for your SEO strategy this year. As of right now, SEO is still proving to be more important than ever. More businesses are realizing how important SEO is, as well, to their online presence and digital strategy online. Each year, Google improves its algorithm, which makes business owners and marketers must reassess their SEO plans. SEO Strategies You Should Use in 2018 In 2018, Google is focused on quality over quantity. In fact, Google makes very frequent [...]

SEO Strategy and the Importance of SEO for 2018 and beyond2018-09-04T09:55:35-04:00

The Importance of Keyword Research

One of the first steps of a solid SEO plan is keyword research. If you don’t do proper keyword research, your SEO strategy won’t be at effective as it could be – don’t skip this step! Keyword research is also a step that is ongoing. You may find new keywords to go after or some to get rid of as the market changes. Your chosen keywords drive all the marketing decisions you make. Keyword research is about understanding your target market. You want to know what they like, what they are looking for, and how they are looking for services or products. How to perform Keyword Research As a business, [...]

The Importance of Keyword Research2018-09-04T09:37:16-04:00

Reasons Your Organic Traffic is Declining

If you’re implementing SEO strategies, you’ve been trying to increase your site’s visibility by building your organic traffic. As you’ve probably seen, it isn’t easy to build organic traffic. To build organic traffic, you need to practice “white hat” SEO techniques over time. Sure, you can instantly get traffic by paying for traffic through Google AdWords, but this traffic will disappear the second you stop paying. The time and effort you put into building organic traffic is worth it in the long run. After all your effort, it’s extremely rewarding to see your organic traffic numbers rise week by week, month by month, and year by year. Unfortunately, organic traffic [...]

Reasons Your Organic Traffic is Declining2018-08-01T12:06:34-04:00

The Importance of Link Building for SEO

If you aren’t link building, you are missing a critical part of your SEO. This week we outline the importance of link building for SEO. Link building is getting other websites to link back to your site. By building links, you are driving referral traffic back to your site, which in turn increases your site’s authority (with Google and the other search engines) and will put you up higher in the search engine results. Google still values link building as an important factor in its algorithm. Links tell Google that your site is worthy of putting up high in the rankings based on the keywords you’re going after. Overall, sites [...]

The Importance of Link Building for SEO2018-08-01T11:49:36-04:00

How To Write Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions should never be forgotten. It is a description that summarizes a page’s content. When a page is pulled into the search engine results, the meta description is shown based on the user’s search keyword or phrase which means you should optimize your meta description for that phrase. It’s an important part of your SEO strategy so in this post, we will review how to write meta descriptions. The meta description is an HTML tag. Its purpose is to describe the website/page to make a user want to click into it. Google does not use meta descriptions in their ranking algorithm, but Google does recognize the click-through-rate to determine [...]

How To Write Meta Descriptions2018-08-01T13:07:34-04:00
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