No longer is digital marketing limited to your website. While this is certainly a centerpiece of your organization, there is so much more that defines who you are out there in the virtual world. To be highly successful and to embark on an ambitious pathway towards sustained growth, a pronounced presence on social media is also necessary. In a similar fashion to that of your website, we can work behind the scenes to provide a Social Rank SEO that will get you noticed above your competition through the social web.

Being ranked on social media sites is a process. The search engines can see through the fluff, so we work to ensure that your followers are engaged and following you. On Twitter, for example, this entails having another twitter user actually tweeting your tweets and making sure that he or she is actually a verified user. This is a part of our Social Rank SEO service that will set you apart from competitors in your given industry. When other users on social media are engaged with you, and you with them, your social rank will increase accordingly.

It is important to remember that search engines do not count all links equally, and they do not see every social media account as being the same either. This is due to the fact that so many people have abused the system over the years that Google and others have caught onto that just about anyone can create a new social media account and begin posting. This creates a fake buzz about the company that is not legitimate. To combat that, we focus on making sure that your followers have a verified online reputation and that their posts on your behalf will count for something. Our focus will also be on getting you quality social shares. These will be those that are shared across an array of social networks that will benefit your Social Rank SEO ranking in the end.