This Giza SEO Pyramid Structure is our most powerful structure and the best way to inject your site with real, authoritative links embedded within US written content. We heavily reinforce each layer of links (which is an advanced tactic) and this results in powerful, rank-boosting effects.

The following is included in the Giza SEO Pyramid

  • Tier 1: 10 Web 2.0 Authority Properties, 1 Pro Press Release & 10 Social Bookmarks (These are low volume, high quality manual social bookmark submissions to authority sites, each with unique titles and descriptions. These bookmarks are NF links which is how the sites operate, but they still hold solid value!)
  • Tier 2: 12-20 Web High DA web 2.0 properties, 100 Social Bookmarks, 100 Forum Signature Links, 300 Social Network Links posts, 150 Wiki-Based Article Links, 100 Article Submission Links, 100 Blog Comments on Social Networking sites, 100 Article links on Document Sharing Sites.
  • Tier 3: 30K Blog comments spread for Tiered 2 Links, Submission to Speed Links (Premium Indexing Service), Submission to (Another Premium Indexing Serviced based on GSA API).

A Giza SEO Pyramid is perfect For:

  • Increasing link variety and authority
  • Obtaining powerful TIER 1 links (due to boosting effects)

This Newsworthy Giza SEO Pyramid uses our Newsworthy Pro Press Release (Writing & Distribution included) and is a professional and high quality press release service. Our team of highly skilled American press release writers will craft a power press release for you on any subject with the exception of gambling, adult and prescription drug products. You will be able to review this press release before it is sent out to our distribution network.

IMPORTANT: Once we have written this PR, you will be required to review it before any further distribution can proceed. We will send you a message when it has been written, but please make sure you check your “Orders/Manage” page in your account.

IMPORTANT: If your subject matter falls into any of the following niches, please submit a support ticket prior to placing the order as these topics are often rejected by the news wires.

  • Press releases that promote mortgage, pay day, cash, short-term or long-term loans
  • Press releases that promote escort, sexual enhancement products or supplements.
  • Press releases that promote impotent/erectile dysfunction, Herpes Cure.
  • Press releases containing radical or political opinion/view.
  • Press releases containing radical religious opinion/view.
  • Press releases that promote online gambling.
  • Topics regarding e-cigs, green coffee, raspberry ketones, HCG, Kratom, Garcinia Cambogia or any supplement and more.
  • Press releases promoting illegal/”grey area” content like unlocking an iPhone, hacks, cracks and other illegal mean to bypass a game’s restrictions.
  • Press releases about topic that touches MMO and MLM

Key Options: Can add generic anchors on tiers 2 & 3 to naturalize the link profile. Can be re-ordered automatically (auto-pilot).

Reporting: We send multiple reports to you which detail each layer of linking, including exact URLs where possible. We also include logins/passwords for all Tier 1 properties.

Ordering Notes:

Article Keyword: Our writers will produce a quality article on the keyphrase you enter into this field. For example: “weight loss”, “best oak tables”, “cheap flights” etc

Description: This description should describe the content of your URL so that we can use it for the social bookmarks and other areas of the pyramid.